Yr10 r e coursework

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Yr10 r e coursework

You should discuss and then write down how the following are used in your three adverts: The use of stereotypes - what ideas, values, costume, accents etc are being used?

What are the people shown in the advert's 'values'? What 'values' are being communicated to the audience? Think about the word typical e. Toni is Italian and runs a restaurant so Toni has a stereotypical italian-accented English with certain words pronounced in certain ways and his grammar is not Standard English so Lord and Lady Brassick have a manor and a butler so Does this depend on who the audience is?

Unique Selling Point - what is it? Is it the same in each advert? What particular 'idea' or ideas or 'value' or values are being promoted most in each advert - choice? Is one more important? Audience - the audience isn't always the same as the 'people' shown in an advert - who do you think the audience is for each advert?

Also consider how the above indicate or change for slightly differing audiences.


DON'T repeat yourself here if you've already discussed it above in detail you don't need to do it again here! If there's not much left to say then fine. You could look at the audience categories given to you last lesson or look some up on line - Mosaic is a good place to start.

This is not the only audience profiling system you will look at. How effective is the element you're discussing? Does it achieve its aims?PROVISIONAL DATES FOR YEAR R.E. Mrs C Jones [email protected] Science Mr torosgazete.com [email protected] Technology begin their GCSEs in Yr10) Design & Technology, Media Studies.


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Yr10 r e coursework

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