Wordle and downs writing about writing

In this article we propose, theorize, demonstrate, and report early results from a course that approaches first-year composition as Introduction to Writing Studies.

Wordle and downs writing about writing

Uncategorized — by revolutionlullabye 1: Downs and Wardle argue for revising first-year writing curriculum so that the course becomes an introduction to writing studies, where students explore writing studies as a content-filled discipline that questions ideas and practices of reading, writing, and literacy.

wordle and downs writing about writing

Notes and Quotes Students in these courses learn that writing is conventional and context-driven They also become more self-aware writers and understand that academic writing is a conversation.

Writing is far more diverse and complex than that. In a writing about writing course, students read research about writing, conduct their own writing research, write ethnographies about writing, locate writing issues that interest them, write reviews of existing literature — they are seen as gateways to WAC and WID programs Readings about problems in the composing process drafting, revision, reading for purpose, critical reading and research-based, data-driven studies.

Examples of readings include Berkenkotter, Huckin, Sommers, Perl, Flower and Hayes, Elbow, Murray, Swales, Dawkins, Kantz, Lakoff and Johnson, Gee Assign reflections on the readings, literacy narratives for students to discover what they know about their own writing Sample student-generated research questions: Do college freshmen and seniors use rhetorical strategies at all or in similar ways?

Should it be, and if so, how?A milestone in the field of composition, Writing about Writing continues to be the only textbook to provide an approach that makes writing studies the center of the introductory writing course.

January 27, 2009

Based on Wardle and Downs’s research and organized around major threshold concepts of writing, this groundbreaking book empowers students in all Reviews: writing about writing and literacy as a successful approach to helping students gain this access, including a powerful account of her own journey to literacy as a basic writer and how composition theory helped her gain the kind of access she now seeks to provide.

Jan 27,  · Downs, Douglas and Elizabeth Wardle. "Teaching about Writing, Righting Misconceptions: (Re)Envisioning "First-Year Composition" as "Introduction to Writing Studies." CCC (June ) The authors argue for transforming the required first-year course, usually taught as a introduction to the skills necessary to write "academic discourse" into a course that introduces .

wordle and downs writing about writing

Based on Wardle and Downs's research and organized around major threshold concepts of writing, this groundbreaking book empowers students in all majors by showing them how to draw on what they know and engage with ongoing conversations about writing and literacy. An eVoc strategy is an electronic or technology-based strategy that teachers can use to develop students' vocabulary learning and interest in words.

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