Welcome aboard hbr case study analysis

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Welcome aboard hbr case study analysis

In the last post, we described some of the work that was required to get Deere to the tipping point—the point at which we got the go-agile approval from the leadership team. In the end, we decide that it would be a big train, with as many as practitioners, and it would encompass all the products generally carried under the GreenStarTM brand.

We decided to include all currently supported products, some web portals and utilities, as well as some future platforms currently in advanced development. But, we had to call it something! Again, some were obvious as small teams were already working on some components, but there were new features and new platforms that also needed dedicated resources.

It sounds easy, but when people are already on projects at one time, it was a challenge to not put a person on more than one team. This part was eye opening as some teams had many things that they were responsible for, but clearly they could not work on all of it at the same time. Many of our Program Managers were assigned the role of Scrum Master to help the teams follow the Scrum process.

Because there were so many teams, some Program Managers were the Scrum Master for multiple teams. This created problems during Release Planning because we were all planning at the same time; Program Managers struggled to support all teams.

Since then, we have dedicated Scrum Masters for each team. Picking Product Owners Given the critical role that the product owner plays see postspicking the right people for that role was no trivial task either. Not only was this a new role, but it also created a bit of an organizational and political challenge.

As importantly, the Product Owner needs to love to work daily with developers and testers, and most importantly, can make crisp, on-the-fly decisions that affects the product direction.

They have to have the full respect of the developer, too. We considered a number of rollout strategies, including incremental, but decided it would be easiest to get everyone on board asap.

Further, to avoid dragging it out and potentially suffering either a loss of momentum, or subjecting the teams to different methods or trainers, we decided to do it one time only, all at once, and all in one week.

We thought that would minimize disruption and make the move to agile as fast and efficient as possible.

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To this end, we built a training plan as illustrated below: Chad made this cool video which gives you a sense for the magnitude and dynamic nature of event: This was an exercise in semi-self organization of a significant portion of an enterprise, and self-organization is an interesting topic in agile.

In the article, authors Takeuchi and Nonaka note: Neither images nor text can be copied from this site without the express written permission of the copyright holder. Please visit Permissions FAQs and contact us for permissions.John Deere ISG Case Study Post #3: All Aboard the GreenStar TM Release Train.

Background: In prior posts, we introduced the almost-real-time case study describing a large-scale agile transformation at John Deere’s ISG.

Welcome aboard hbr case study analysis

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Publication Date: October 01, Cheryl Hailstrom, the CEO of Lakeland Wonders, a manufacturer of high-quality wooden toys, is the first person outside the Swensen family to hold the top job. Case study Two partners with very different operating styles had bought a financial data service business, with financial and strategic challenges.

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