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Oh, well, there goes any delusion I had left of keeping this blog anonymous. Somewhere in my mind I had comforted myself thinking this little subversive blog would never be read by anyone working for the district, and they would never be able to find out who I was if I used a pseudonym.

Well, not exactly nice, but not specifically disparaging of my school district either. Instead, I turned my speech to a rant against VAM in the broadest sense.

This was probably for the best Vam am the fight against VAM is not just about me, or my school district, or Vam am the state of Florida. The people who have never stepped foot in a classroom, who never will step foot in a classroom, and who have clear disdain and indifference towards those teachers and students who they hold accountable all the while depriving them of resources in order to justify their utter uselessness in the real job of educating children.

In the past I have tried to transcribe School Board meetings while simultaneously making them entertaining. That will not be possible in this blog post because this was the mother of all epically long and boring School Board meetings.

You people owe me for sitting through four hours of that Chinese water torture just so I could rant about VAM for three minutes on public airwaves. To make matters worse, in the most wired school district in the history of the world, I could not get an Internet connection in the School Board auditorium.

Note to self, if I am ever crazy enough to sign up to speak at another School Board meeting, bring a hot spot! I began to feel like a trapped animal in the cramped seats and periodically went to the bathroom to calm my inner urgings to flee. [yoh-guh]: to yoke, to unite. uniting & connecting through all that brings me joy.

It was a war of attrition. One woman even declared that sometimes appreciation was better than a paycheck. I beg to differ. You can keep your mass generated holiday email greeting and send me a big fat check in the mail instead.

At least UTD did their part to keep the meeting short. I would have thought the week after the Miami Herald ran a major story about teacher frustration over their evaluations and VAM, the UTD President might just make it a point to address the issue of teachers losing hundreds to thousands of dollars, and possibly their jobs over these bogus evaluations to the Board.


You wear six figures well honey. Speaking of fashion, they must have been having a School Board holiday party after the meeting because all of the women were wearing red with sparkly necklaces, including Kafkateach.

This woman has definitely sat through one too many School Board meetings. Major props to all the School Board members for being able to sit through 12 hour meetings with hot lights and cameras on your every move.

As the meeting dragged on and on and on, I began to get hangrier and hangrier. As my hanger grew, I became more and more tempted to give the naughty version of my speech.

I was hoping for a good showing of teacher speakers to voice their concerns over VAM after reading a deluge of disgruntlement on Facebook, but in typical flaky teacher fashion, it was only me and a teacher I had met over the summer who signed up to speak about VAM.

Ironically, I only knew this other teacher because we had both been recruited to present the merits of a district wide Learning Management System to the Superintendent over the summer. My career as a Miami Dade teacher and education blogger has always been filled with synchronicitous moments and this was just another example of that.

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I was thankful that at least one other teacher had cared enough about the injustice of VAM to show up to speak. It gave me warm fuzzies and a little more street cred to have another accomplished teacher by my side who had been slammed by VAM.The Vic Anthony Media Group, The VAM Group for short, is a collective of digital marketing professionals that have an accumulation of over 40 years of marketing experience.

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