Thinking outside of the box as the reason behind inventors achievements

And because these intangible assets can be more easily copied, the system we use to protect and enforce IP rights is critical to protecting investment and American competitiveness. Focusing on the need to protect investment has been one of the major points raised by those in favor of a strong patent system. Investors prefer to invest in companies that have patented technology. As prolific inventor and Priceline.

Thinking outside of the box as the reason behind inventors achievements

Analogy[ edit ] A simplified definition for paradigm is a habit of reasoning or a conceptual framework. A simplified analogy is "the box" in the commonly used phrase "thinking outside the box".

What is encompassed by the words "inside the box" is analogous with the current, and often unnoticed, assumptions about a situation. Creative thinking acknowledges and rejects the accepted paradigm to come up with new ideas.

Nine dots puzzle[ edit ] The notion of something outside a perceived "box" is related to a traditional topographical puzzle called the nine dots puzzle.

Thinking outside of the box as the reason behind inventors achievements

The nine dots puzzle is much older than the slogan. One of many solutions to the puzzle at the beginning of this article. The puzzle proposed an intellectual challenge—to connect the dots by drawing four straight, continuous lines that pass through each of the nine dots, and never lifting the pencil from the paper.

The conundrum is easily resolved, but only by drawing the lines outside the confines of the square area defined by the nine dots themselves. The phrase "thinking outside the box" is a restatement of the solution strategy.

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The puzzle only seems difficult because people commonly imagine a boundary around the edge of the dot array. Telling people to "think outside the box" does not help them think outside the box, at least not with the 9-dot problem.

Thinking outside of the box as the reason behind inventors achievements

For example, a non-verbal cue such as drawing a square outside the 9 dots does allow people to solve the 9-dot problem better than average. It has a clearly stated goal, and all necessary information to solve the problem is included connect all of the dots using four straight lines.

Furthermore, well-defined problems have a clear ending you know when you have reached the solution. Although the solution is "outside the box" and not easy to see at first, once it has been found, it seems obvious.

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In contrast, characteristics of ill-defined problems are: The single straight line solution[ edit ] Another well-defined problem for the nine dots starting point is to connect the dots with a single straight line.

The solution involves looking outside the two-dimensional sheet of paper on which the nine dots are drawn and coning the paper three-dimensionally aligning the dots along a spiral, thus a single line can be drawn connecting all nine dots - which would appear as three lines in parallel on the paper, when flattened out.

Metaphor[ edit ] This flexible English phrase is a rhetorical trope with a range of variant applications. The metaphorical "box" in the phrase "outside the box" may be married with something real and measurable — for example, perceived budgetary [15] or organizational [16] constraints in a Hollywood development project.

Speculating beyond its restrictive confines the box can be both:7 Clever Inventions That Think Outside the Box. There are the inventions you see on infomercials that really do not live up to their claim, but then there are those that really make you go "wow", like a breath-powered iPhone charging mask or a candle holder that lets the hot wax drip directly back into a mold for reuse.

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He gives examples of old inventions with new applications from thinking ‘outside the box.’ Every business leader should read this book. It will transform your torosgazete.coms: Thinking outside the box (also thinking out of the box or thinking beyond the box and, especially in Australia, thinking outside the square) is a metaphor that means to think differently, unconventionally, or from a new perspective.

This phrase often refers to novel or creative thinking.

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