The legitimate presidency of porfirio lobo essay

There are countless other instances.

The legitimate presidency of porfirio lobo essay

Honduran constitutional crisis

Published on Saturday, 06 February InHonduras -- traditionally and wholly subordinated to U. A few months later, the OAS decided, in spite of U. Washington has systematically attempted to thwart the shift towards the left As the following examples illustrate, since the beginning of the s Washington has systematically attempted to thwart the shift towards the left made by the peoples of Latin America: Coup d'Etat in Honduras U.

The Pentagon had resented this shift to the left by a president it thought would behave obediently because Honduras is one of its subordinate countries in the region.

If a constituent assembly had been elected by universal suffrage, it would have inevitably had to rule on the demand for agrarian reform, which would have called into question the enormous privileges of the major landowners and foreign agri-business transnationals present in the country.

It is mainly for this reason that the local capitalist class, a significant number of whom come from the agrarian sector, supported the coup. This explains why it supported the signing of a free trade agreement with Washington and was opposed to ALBA.

Repression in Honduras remains unpunished. Interview with Juan Almendares - Radio Mundo Real

Even imagining — which is highly improbable — that the Honduran generals acted on their own initiative in collaboration with the local capitalist class, it is inconceivable that Roberto Micheletti, the puppet president designated by The legitimate presidency of porfirio lobo essay military and by corporate and liberal party leaders, could have stayed in power if the U.

Washington was clearly indicating that it wanted to immediately halt the extension of ALBA and nip this 21st century socialism in the bud. The agreement reached on 30 October under the auspices of Washington between representatives of Manuel Zelaya and those of Roberto Micheletti expressly stipulated that the parties undertake not to call either directly or indirectly for the convocation of a constituent assembly or for any consultation of the people point 2 of the agreement.

In addition, it did not explicitly allow for the return of Manuel Zelaya to the presidency of Honduras in order to finish his term which is due to end in January Roberto Micheletti and his partisans then decided not to restore the presidency to Zelaya, who then appealed to the population not to participate in the general elections called for 28 November The main left-wing candidate for the presidency, Carlos Reyes, together with a hundred or so candidates from different parties including a sector of the liberal partywithdrew his candidature.

Reconciliation with the oligarchy?

On 10 Novemberan embarrassed Washington announced at a meeting of the OAS that it would recognize the results of the elections of 29 November Media opposing the coup were either shut down or harassed.

Estimates of the number of citizens who did not vote vary, depending on the source. This clearly applies to a large number of right-wing people in Paraguay.

Alfredo Jaeggli, whose party belongs to the current government and represents its main 'support' in parliament, claims that the coup in Honduras was not really a coup. Senator Jaeggli's complaint has nothing to do with Lugo's moral behaviour, his attack is focused on his political options.

He complains that he does not follow the lead of countries that carried out a successful economic reform, such as Chile under Pinochet and Argentina under Carlos Menem. Conclusion In the light of this experience, we can see that the Obama administration is in no hurry to break with the methods used by its predecessors: He is the author of Bank of the South.

The Colombian army bombed and captured FARC rebels in a guerrilla camp in Ecuadorian territory, killing some twenty people, including civilians. Ecuador has regularly criticized Colombia for not providing adequate border control between these two countries.

Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile 5.

Global gangsters

A structure created in to protect ships in the South Atlantic, and abolished in It officially resumed operations on 1 July Eva Golinger on the website www. Air Force regarding the agreements on the 7 bases concerned. The first document dates from May i.

Eva Golinger adds the following comment:President Porfirio Lobo took over in a right-wing coup in Privatizing Paradise in the Murder Capital of the World Los Angeles Review of Books, Sunset Blvd., Ste.

, Los. ssrn-id - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Responses to the Coup d'etat in Honduras on Sunday June 28, with special emphasis on producing English-language versions of commentaries by Honduran scholars and editorial writers and addressing the confusion encouraged by lack of basic knowledge about Honduras.

The president-elect of Honduras, Porfirio Lobo, addresses supporters in Tegucigalpa. Photograph: Claudia Barrientos/AFP/Getty Images A wealthy rancher was due to be declared Honduras's new president today after a tumultuous election dogged by the overthrow of his predecessor.

The legitimate presidency of porfirio lobo essay

President Lobo expresses his satisfaction at the historic approval of the immigration reform bill in the United States News provided by El Presidente de Honduras, Porfirio Lobo Sosa.

Feb 06,  · Ms. Frank’s insinuations about the Honduran government’s illegitimacy are offensive to the percent of Hondurans who voted for President Porfirio Lobo in the last election.

Project MUSE - Settler Violence?: Race and Emergent Frontiers of Progress in Honduras