Tall tales from the mekong delta

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Tall tales from the mekong delta

River cruising is a thinking man's cruise.

Tall tales from the mekong delta

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That is particularly true on the Rhine, which is so low that historical relics and a World War II bomb have been found along its dried-up riverbed. While high and low water levels are cyclical, causing river ships at times to reroute or to temporarily bus passengers to different ships or hotels to complete their itineraries, it is almost unheard of for such low levels to carry into October and November.

Earlier in the season, the Danube and the Elbe were most affected, and there are still scattered issues on those rivers. But last month, the Rhine hit a record low, forcing river lines to abandon their popular Basel-to-Amsterdam sailings when the port of Cologne, Germany, was shuttered.

Photos reveal that the river, which is a key commercial shipping route, looks more like the southwestern U. In some places, the water is so low that you can practically walk across, according to river cruise employees on recent sailings.

Late last month, a bomb was found on the dry riverbed in Cologne. And in Budapest, a ship from the s with 2, gold coins was discovered, according to news reports. While this year's weather is extreme, high and low waters are cyclical, much like snowfall for skiers or hurricanes for beach vacationers.

Because issues can pop up every few years, river lines always have extensive backup plans that include everything from simple cancellations and refunds to swapping passengers between ships at points that become impassable. The river lines use motorcoaches and hotel stays to keep tours moving on their scheduled routes, and they develop alternative itineraries that keep passengers sailing, albeit to sometimes unexpected ports of call.

How dramatic the impact is on guests, who have already paid thousands of dollars for their vacation, depends largely on the cruise line. Viking, which has the largest European river fleet, declined repeated requests for information about how many cruises have been affected this year and about how they handle refunds, changes and cancellations.

A spokesman for Tauck, which has eight ships on Europe's rivers, said the company had been forced to cancel three sailings this year, one on the Danube in August and two on the Rhine in October, as it prepared to close out the season.Get to point B-from-A in a bike in an hour, get off the bikes and into attack position.

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Tall tales from the mekong delta

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