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Student name

Or is it harder for you to match faces with the names of students on your class roster? Despite the feelings of anxiety associated with learning students' names each semester, many instructors believe that knowing exactly Student name each student is helps to improve the classroom climate.

But many instructors find learning students' names difficult and frustrating. If the classes are large lecture classes, the problem may seem insurmountable.

There are ways to achieve what seems impossible. When it comes to new students, there are numerous tools you can use to "jog your memory. Finding which works best for you will take some trial and error. You'll need to experiment to find "the one" which helps you the most.

Student name

Here are some suggestions: Have students sit in the same seats for the first few weeks until you are able to match names with faces. Have students give their name each time before they speak. This can be continued until everyone instructor and the students feels they know the people in the room.

Use students' names as often as possible. Have a short quiz at the beginning of class over students' names. Have students make name tags on the first day of class. Students use heavy black or blue markers to write their names on the bottom half of the card and then fold the card in half, creating a tent name tag.

Students keep the name tags with them and can then place the tag in front of their seat during the following class periods.

Instructors hand out name tags at the beginning of the next few classes. As nametags are handed out, the instructors try to match the name with the student, and then check to see if their guess is correct. Spend some time during the first day of class taking snapshots of all of your students a work study student could also take the photos.

These photos can be glued to the class roster next to the proper names.

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Or a collage of pictures and names can be assembled on the door of the instructor's office to help memorize names.

This is a quick access way for instructors to test themselves. Have students prepare a "Passport" for your class.Have student in first seat of first row (or first table) stand up and say their name. The person behind him/her (or next to him/her) would then stand up and name the .

A graduate student is a student who continues his/her education after graduation. Some examples of graduate programs are: business school, law school, medical school, and veterinary school.

Degrees earned in graduate programs include the Master’s degree, a research doctoral degree, or a first professional degree.

After a student has given his/her name, ask him/her to give one "outstanding physical feature" that distinguishes him/her from the rest of the group.

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