Ontario legislative page program essay

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Ontario legislative page program essay

We shall commence the daily routine. The honourable Minister of Economic Development. Our focus is on creating a smart, competitive economy and a healthy, vibrant environment both now and for future generations.

Government recognizes that the health of the environment, the economy and the people of this province are interconnected. As a result, our economic decisions must respect our people and environment, support growth and create jobs to ensure a high quality of life for all Nova Scotians.

This progress report for the province's economic growth strategy highlights the steps being taken toward fostering a strong, sustainable business climate. Our highly trained and skilled workforce is helping us seize opportunities to become leaders in information technology, research and development, and innovation.

Programs like Opportunities Nova Scotia, a provincial retention and recruitment initiative, connects employers with job seekers to help build our workforce to support business expansion and job creation.

International firms continue to locate in our province and export their services and products to the world. Speaker, hosts more than 1, information technology companies and over firms that offer products and services to the environmental industry.

Assistance, through Nova Scotia Business Inc. An analysis of the economic impact of the Industrial Expansion Fund shows it created or retained an estimated 11, full-time jobs during a six-year period ending in March Speaker, when this is combined with a similar analysis conducted for NSBI over the same time period, it shows a total of 22, full-time jobs created or maintained.

That number rises to 39, when spinoff jobs are included. NSBI's payroll rebate program was recently enhanced to provide more flexibility and now helps more companies improve competitiveness.

InNOVAcorp will work with up to 50 of the entrepreneurs who participated in the competition, helping them take steps toward forming knowledge-based companies.

Speaker, we recognize that challenges such as the downturn in the U. We are responding through programs under Nova Scotia's export strategy, Going Global, Staying Local, which has supported 32 businesses in their efforts to become globally competitive.

Our continued investment in infrastructure will help ensure Nova Scotia reaches its full potential for trade.

Ontario legislative page program essay

Connected communities are competitive communities. Speaker, a very fine example of community-led development is the unveiling of Cumberland County's Joggins Fossil Centre. This centre is environmentally and economically sustainable, right down to the water faucets.

Joggins is internationally recognized as one of the most important fossil sites in the world and is an outstanding example of the earth's history, the coal age and offers years of rich geological inheritance. Companies like Minas Basin Pulp and Power are further greening their operations, reducing costs and contributing to a stronger economy.


The government will continue to invest in companies like Minas Basin, as well as chart a course toward an environmentally sustainable and prosperous economic future for Nova Scotia. Essentially, Opportunities for Sustainable Prosperity encourages innovation, diversity and promotes the best use of resources while concentrating on reducing waste to build healthy and vibrant communities.

Speaker, I will now table the progress report for the province's economic growth strategy, Opportunities for Sustainable Prosperity. The report is tabled. The honourable member for Pictou East.

Speaker, first I would like to thank the minister for ensuring that I was aware that he was going to be making a ministerial statement, and I certainly appreciate that.

What I see here is, of course, a lot of good information, but there is absolutely no new information. What we are looking at is an historical document, not a visionary document - there is absolutely no vision in the presentation that was made in this ministerial statement.

Now one of the concerns that I have, Mr. Speaker, is that there is absolutely no mention of Gateway - and nothing has fueled the hopes of people in this province, from Yarmouth to Sydney, than the strings of information that have come forward, particularly from the Premier, in relationship to the hopes of Gateway.

I would like to perhaps see the whole ball of yarn rather than the little pieces of thread or strings that we have been getting in relationship to Gateway. There has been just a whole string of hopes that have been fueled by this. One of the things that has been mentioned to me by my Cape Breton colleagues is that in that document there is absolutely - at least in the ministerial statement there is absolutely - no mention specifically of Cape Breton, an area that has witnessed a lot of out-migration and so on.

Ontario legislative page program essay

I would like to have seen something in there also in relationship to single-industry towns like Trenton. And one of my colleagues is saying like Canso.The University of Windsor (U of W or UWindsor) is a public comprehensive and research university in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

It is Canada's southernmost university. It has approximately 10, full-time and part-time undergraduate students and over 3, graduate students. Founded in , the University of Windsor has graduated more than , alumni.

William Ellis (Bill) Topping () William Ellis (Bill) Topping, born 18 January , passed away peacefully on 21 October Bill was born in Everett, Washington, USA, and moved to Vancouver, BC, at the age of four. This seminar provides an opportunity for incoming students to orient themselves to the PhD program.

The seminar is organized as a series of informal presentations and discussions, where participants have an opportunity to ask other doctoral students and faculty about their research, available resources, networks and procedures.

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