Online viewing of grades essay

You can also access submissions on the Needs Grading page. The Needs Grading page is discussed later in this workshop. You also have the option of adjusting a grade for an automatically graded question.

Online viewing of grades essay

Marketing Apart from the standard search engine feature, web portals offer services such as e-mail, news, information, and entertainment. Portals provide ways for enterprises to present a consistent look and feel with access control and procedures for multiple application, which otherwise would have been different entities altogether.

Web portal was build for its main function to make some marketing strategies for a specific organization. The proposed web portal would serve as an electronic bulletin board showcasing the latest and future plans and events of the school. Sometime in JanuaryMrs. Fatima Medalla-Estacio and a close friend discussed the plan of founding a school.

The idea was inspired by Mrs. Five months later, in Junethe Sto. Nino Child Study Center was established. It was named as such for January is the feast month of the Holy Child.

With only 28 pupils as their starting enrolment but eventually increased to 32 towards the end of the school year After a year, the Department of Education granted the Preparatory School the permit to operate and was recognized on December 14, with an enrollment of preschoolers.

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With these trends in technology both affecting the students and their mothology, the proponents intend to propose the development of a Web Portal with Online Viewing of Grade for Sto.

Nino School de Novaliches to provide them a better means of communication between the students and the faculty. It may also be used for marketing purpose for it may invite new students. Adviser and staff of Sto. Nino de Novaliches School manually monitors articles for their school newspaper.

Staff submits their articles to their adviser. The adviser then will check the articles for grammatical error.

From the submission of articles to the editing of the approved articles, adviser and staff manually do everything; a school newspaper is really an arduous task.

Stoninian term use refer to the students of Sto.

Online viewing of grades essay

Nino de Novaliches School. These organizations are open to all interested students. Students are the ones who lead and take charge of their chosen club. Students also have their SC Student Councilcomposed of elected student, from different level and section. School activities and announcements are done traditionally.

Announcement of activities are manually done in a cartolina and posted on conspicuous place around school campus. There were times the posters were pulled down prematurely and students were not fully informed regarding the information on the poster.

It will make the school known and invite new student. It will display the information about the school and the grade of the student. Also show the recent activities the courses they offered. Directress In this study, the proposed system will make it as one of the marketing strategy to invite new students.

Faculty The proposed system it helps the teacher upload the handouts and grade for home tutorials of the students. Student The proposed system will make the student upload their recent activities and view grade their online.

The Stoninian can post their organization and invites new members.Find out your grade even before submitting your paper to your prof! Try our free paper grader and have a chance to correct your mistakes beforehand.

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Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours SEND. The viewing functions of a Student Information Viewing and Encoding System are to support the personal and study info relating to: Handling records of grades from 3rd year BSCS Section-A Handling personnel information such as student name, place of birth, birthday, religion, email address, contact number, home address, father’s name and.

Schools are just one of the institutions who need a Web Portal to share to the public the recognitions they have to attained, their students’ prowess, their teaching force, the schools’ plans and activities, online grading system, and latest school news.

Online viewing of grades Introduction Most college schools here in the Philippines have an online grade viewing/inquiry system, especially in metro manila.

The trend of using this kind of system is growing fast, and reaching even schools in provinces. Online Grading System Essay Sample.

Online Grading System is an exercise in the professional judgment on the part of the teachers. It involves the collection and evaluation of evidence on student’s achievements or performance over a specified period of time.

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