Obama thesis soviet nuclear disarmament

Obama has lived for almost 50 years without leaving any footprints — none! There is no Obama documentation — no bona fides — no paper trail — nothing. US Code — Section 4: Misprision of felony Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

Obama thesis soviet nuclear disarmament

He was in the Senate for far, far less time than that. In his two years in that chamber, he was more substantively involved in foreign affairs than Ryan was during his 14 years of crunching numbers and lording over women's reproductive rights: Inin his first foreign trip as a U.

The purpose of the trip was to examine facilities for the storage and destruction of conventional, biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons. With Lugar, Obama co-authored non-proliferation initiative signed into law by President Bush.

Obama and Lugar co-authored the "Lugar-Obama non-proliferation initiative," which "enhances U. Chuck Hagel R-NE as an original co-sponsor, which would "provide for sustained United States leadership in a cooperative global effort to prevent nuclear terrorism, reduce global nuclear arsenals, stop the spread of nuclear weapons and related material and technology, and support the responsible and peaceful use of nuclear technology.

Obama reportedly authored his college thesis on "Soviet nuclear disarmament.

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Lugar took note, as 'nonproliferation' is about as common a campaign sound-bite for aspiring senators as 'exchange-rate policy' or 'export-import bank oversight.Jan 22,  · Barack Hussein Soebarkah? A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mother,a biography of the mother of US President Obama, Ann DunhamSutoro, Columbia thesis -- "Soviet Nuclear Disarmament"--Not released Harvard College records -- Not releasedAuthor: JOHN GAULTIER'S FEROCIOUS CONSERVATIVE BULLETIN.

Obama thesis soviet nuclear disarmament

Columbia thesis “Soviet Nuclear Disarmament” Before applying to Harvard, Obama is said to have written a major thesis in his senior year. It has not been released.

Where is Barack Obama's College thesis

Aug 21,  · Obama's Columbia thesis "Soviet Nuclear Disarmament" Obama's Harvard Law School records Obama's Harvard Law Review articles Obama's University of Chicago scholarly articles Obama's Passport (redacted copy released) Obama's Medical records.

Obama’s speech was indeed an inflection point in the U.S. foreign policy debate on nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation. and horizontal proliferation refers to the acquisition of nuclear weapons technology by previously non-nuclear weapon states. This linkage thesis was also central to the argument of four wise men George Shultz.

Obama thesis soviet nuclear disarmament

The NPT as a Set of Bargains: Placing Disarmament in Context. The NPT, which opened for signature in and entered into force in , reflected three sets of bargains: one among nuclear weapon states, one among nonnuclear weapon states, and one between nuclear haves and have-nots.

He would probably not have written a thesis for his undergraduate degree, and as for his Law Degree, if he had to write a dissertation, it would remain on file in the university archives or in the.

FACT CHECK: Barack Obama's Columbia University Thesis