Informative speech outline on smoking

To inform my audience about the two major harmful effects of smoking.

Informative speech outline on smoking


But that thinking is wrong. According to history today, "each year, Informative speech outline on smoking kills more people than aids, alcohol, drug abuse, car crashes, murders, suicides and firescombined!!

S Citizens die each year from smoking. As college students, some of us smoke and some of us have differently thinking about smoking. Do you know the content of a cigarette?


Over 4, chemicals can be found in tobacco smoke included radioactive materials polonium ,materials used in paints acetone ,floor cleaner ammoniamothball naphthalenepesticidestermite poison arsenictoxic gases hydrogen cyanide used in the "gas chamber death" of offenders under sentence of death, and more.

Today i want to inform to my audients about disadvantages of smoking. There is having 4 disadvantages of smoking: Health problems are the obvious disadvantage to smoking. The American Cancer Society warns about the dangers of nicotine addiction on their website. When you inhale the smoke from a cigarette, it is breathed deeply into your lungs.

Smoking has been connected to several types of cancer, including lung cancer, pancreatic cancer and larynx cancer, as well as diseases such as emphysema and heart disease. Smokers tend to have a distinctive smell because the tobacco odor clings to their hair and clothes.

Their houses and vehicles also pick up the smell if they regularly smoke indoors at home or while driving. Nick Gromyko and Rob London of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors explain that tobacco odors often persist long after cigarette smokers move out of a house because it saturates the living areas and circulates through the ventilation system.

Next is family disadvantage. When you smoke, your family suffers. If you smoke in the house, you are putting your family at risk for the same health problems that smoking causes.

When they breathe in secondhand smoke, they also are at risk for lung cancer and emphysema. Mothers who smoke while pregnant adversely affect their unborn babies. The March of Dimes notes that smoking while pregnant doubles your chances of having a low-birth-weight baby, which can result in health problems, mental problems and even death for your baby.

Cigarettes are expensive, but the product cost only represents a small part of the overall cost. Smokers face higher costs for many other things, like professional dental cleanings, dry cleaning and even life and health insurance.

Informative speech outline on smoking

In Malaysia, price of a pack cigarette is RM 6 and above. According to Hilary Smith of MSN Money, Uninsured smokers have a bigger risk of incurring major medical bills because cigarettes cause so many health problems. They face a harder time finding employment to get insurance or money to pay the bills, as Smith reports that 5 percent of companies prefer to hire non-smokers and 1 percent refuse to hire smokers.

In conclusion, today I have shared with you several different aspects of the hazards of smoking. I hope all of you get something used from my speech for your life. Thank you for give attention.According to National Cancer Institute in smoking causes an estimated 90% of all lung cancer deaths in men and around 80% of all lung cancer deaths in women.

The purpose of this speech is to give the awareness of the effect of smoking. View Notes - smoking speech outline from COM at Central Michigan University. Nicole Pettit Zach Fort Com Topic: General Purpose: Specific Purpose: Anti-Smoking To Persuade To persuade my%(9). In this speech I will attempt to inform the audience of the negative effects of smoking tobacco.

Tobacco in any form is harmful, but smoking tobacco is the most widely used addictive habit in the world that affects smokers, the %(7). Speech outline for smoking essaysSpecific Purpose: To persuade the audience to become a non-smoker.

Thesis statement: Tonight I am going to discuss the effects on reasons many people smoke, the effects it has on the smoker, and then discuss the effects on the innocent people around you (the smo. Informative Speech outline (Concept-Topical) Specific purpose: To inform my audience about the 3 major ways that secondhand smoke affects society.

Central idea: the two ways in which society is affected by secondhand smoking are that it causes serious diseases in non smokers which are in many cases life threatening, people are exposed. Coffee_sample Informative Speech Outline_submit.

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Dangers of Smoking: My Informative Speech "Danger of Smoking"