How to write a trip plan

It shows the simplest possible flowchart for planning one plus a sample and actual 3-month summer Euro Trip itinerary which I am doing right now. Greetings from Valencia, Spain! Part 1 of the series is here:

How to write a trip plan

So I was born with the travel bug.

How to Plan a Euro Trip Itinerary: the EPIC Strategy – Dream Euro Trip

And because I love to travel, I also love talking about travel. Hello, I created a whole blog just to have an outlet for my travel obsession! Some people are spontaneous. Some like to have a day-by-day itinerary. Some are happy just exploring a city on foot with no real plans to speak of.

Jeremy and I prefer to plan our travels in advance. We tried it once, and the experience made us each so panicked and anxiety ridden that we swore never EVER to do it again. Lots of super chill, go-with-the-flow types can swing that whole scene: And frankly, too much work for us.

how to write a trip plan

Are we lazy or efficient? Striking a balance between over-planning and under-planning is what works best for us. And we want to teach you all of our secrets!

We have everything in those day bags from extra layers to back-up cameras to gum and lip balm. How to Plan a Vacation: A well planned trip requires room for failure and flexibility.

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Planning each day of your vacation can set you up for disappointment: Instead, we recommend planning out a few day options to choose from: Each day, you can choose from your options depending on what you feel like doing that day!

Instead, pick one or two restaurants that you would be willing to go out of your way for, or maybe write down a few options. Leaving your meals totally unplanned is OK too: Looking for a spot filled with locals is a safe bet, too.

Packing individual outfits adds up quickly and can easily make your reasonable carry-on bag escalate to an expensive checked bag.

I like to keep all the clothes I bring in the same family of colors, with a few basic templates: Exploring the gorgeous old stepped roofs of Brugges, Belgium. Here are each of the steps we take when we plan travel, and all of the resources we use!

You can use this as your guideline for how to plan a trip. We think part of the fun of travelling is planning a trip! This is step 1 of how to plan a trip!

One thing to do in Quito, Ecuador? This is the second step of our planning process. We open up a brand new document — like a shared Google Doc that we can each contribute to — and just start dumping them all in.

The hardest part of this step is finding things to do.A day trip to Paris from London is the perfect addition to a trip to England! Thanks to the fast and efficient Eurostar train, it’s never been easier to visit Paris for a day. Honestly, one day isn’t enough for Paris — ideally, you should spend as much time there as you can.

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Not to mention many great towns on your must-see list. You’ve got a lot of ground to cover, and we are here to help you figure out how to get around.

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