History of jeep

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History of jeep


The jeep garnered quite a reputation as the first vehicles to pass the treacherous Burma Road. See more Jeep pictures. There were many advantages to the jeep. Being small and compact, it could be transported to battle areas by plane or glider, dropped by parachute, or floated across a river.

Jeep Image Gallery The jeep became as familiar to the rich and famous as it was to the ordinary Joe.

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Queen Elizabeth used a jeep in her wartime visit to Northern Ireland. Roosevelt rode in a jeep as he reviewed the troops in Morocco. Prime Minister Winston Churchill sat in a jeep as he watched the historic landings at Normandy.

Patton chose a jeep instead of a staff car for his trip to Fatale, Morocco, when he accepted the surrender of the French resident general there. Of course Hollywood got into the act, and so did Tin Pan Alley. The plot was loosely based upon a USO tour undertaken by the same four ladies.

It all added up to unprecedented recognition for an inanimate yet lovable object, one that has been described by Lyman Nash as "short, squat, and ugly as sin.

Follow these links and take an amazing ride through jeep history.Jeep History Timeline Posted by Yiannis Stathoyiannis on Feb 26, in Almanac, Automotive The first 4 wheel drive system was invnented in , while was the production year of 1st 4X4 truck.

This specialty automotive manufacturer has a long history of producing trucks and SUVs capable of off-highway adventures — so much so that the term jeep is used by many to refer to all SUVs.

Much in the same way that American automakers had downsized many of their cars in the previous decade, Jeep downsized one of its nameplates, the Cherokee, for Prior to this year, the.

Jeep History Exhibit. Friday, June 8, 9 a.m.

History of jeep

- 4 p.m. Saturday, June 9, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. A special exhibit tells the story of how the jeep was born in Butler and provides a rarely known perspective about the how Bantam won and lost the contract to build the vehicle that helped America win World War II.

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The Jeep company started as a 4×4 utility vehicle which was used by armed forces in the Second World War, but after gaining a lot of success eventually the company shifted to creating public utility vehicles. The word "Jeep" today is a commonplace for the manufacturer which is well know for its four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Many vehicle manufacturers can be identified with specific vehicles they produce that have made a mark in history, but no vehicle made such a mark as did Jeep.

Jeep History - SUVs Through The Decades