Essay on social networking good or bad

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Essay on social networking good or bad

A Friend Indeed Social Media: A Friend Indeed This essay is the winner of our Essay Writing Contest As I log onto Instagram, I view posts from friends I met at a business conference as they prepare for university and spend their last free summer exploring the world.

Summer camp buddies share their exploration of the world, ranging from Colorado to Haiti. People commemorate their accomplishments and are congratulated in kind.

Even without much discussion, I feel connected to people as they share their experiences, dreams, and achievements. With its amazing ability to link people from a variety of places in a variety of ways, social media allows a whole new level of association between people.

Never before in time has there such a connection between people and their friends. Nowadays, plans can be made instantaneously, and friends can even share events such as broadcasted award shows and television episodes via text, Facebook chat, and Twitter.

Never before has a friendship been so easy to foster. Even just exchanging a username with an unknown person in class can lead to a new friend in a few clicks of a button. Social media has also led to the development of friendships based on common interests. The mids saw the development of public forums where people could discuss their interests, ranging from politics to anime, and build connections off of that.

Nowadays, Facebook and Google groups, Tumblr, and the Twitter hashtag system allow people to discover others with similar interests from around the world. Social media provides for people with uncommon interests, or people who simply do not have friends that share common interests, to express their passion alongside others.

With the access to people around the globe that social media provides, it is not surprising to see increasing globalization as the younger generations, and even their tech-savvy parents, are introduced to new cultures, mindsets, and news and information that would be foreign and out-of-reach to them without the worldwide union social media provides.

Social Media and Society: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Even globalization relates back to friendships, allowing people from across the globe to develop long-lasting friendships. Although pen pals existed pre-social media, the development of new communication technologies allows for a quicker connection between people, fostering an even greater sense of friendship.

Some have said that social media makes people more self-centered; yet, it seems to be just the opposite. People are able to join with others in their triumphs, give them sympathy when needed, and share laughs.

Essay on social networking good or bad

None of that seems self-centered. Perhaps it is the selfie craze or people making note of their accomplishments that makes people think this about social media.

However, in the age where low self-esteem is prevalent among the younger demographics, I see social media as the cure, not the disease. Friends are able to compliment others for victories they might not otherwise be rewarded for. Social media allows people to live life and experience friendships to the fullest, whether it be by connecting people from around the globe, allowing people instant access to their friends, providing for the sharing of goals and achievements, and allowing us to view people we might ignore in a whole new light.

By Carol Scott EssayTigers brings you the best in custom paper writing! To get started, simply place an order and provide the details!There are both good and bad aspects of staying connected to people on social media. Here are a few of the pros and cons. You have to admit that social networking is just plain fun sometimes.

A lot of people turn to it when they catch a break at work or just want to relax at home. Aug 28,  · Due to the trauma of cyber bullying, or other bad experiences on social networking sites, a person might develop certain psychological changes.

Bullying, of any kind, is a great factor in depression which might probably lead to suicide. Below is an essay on "Social Networking Good or Bad" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

“Social groups are .

Essay on social networking good or bad

To me, these social networking sites are good and bad for today’s society, and bad for our communication. One more thing to add, these sites are hurting people, because people become addicted to.

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Social media websites not only uses up time, but negatively impact many teenagers’ lives. While these sites may be interesting and entertaining, it also contributes to changes in teen behaviors, attitudes, struggles in school, and effective communication.

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