Effective tips on how to do the breaststroke

Which parts of my breaststroke technique could I change to gain more speed?

Effective tips on how to do the breaststroke

Share via Email Something to aim for British swimmer Darren Mew competes in the Olympics. Tom Jenkins Swimming is a hugely popular activity in the UK but, as outlined in yesterday's feature on front crawlmost of us reap few fitness benefits due to poor technique.

Following today's tips on improving your breaststroke will make it far more enjoyable and worthwhile. For example, swimming with your head out of the water compresses the neck, which has a knock-on effect on the lower back.

But don't wait until you've come to a complete standstill before you begin the next stroke. And when you do, think of 'releasing' with the arms. Karen Pickering, a former world champion swimmer who now runs her own national swim schoolagrees. Visualise yourself scooping the inside of a bowl, keeping the elbows within the span of your shoulders.

That's why Shaw calls it a 'rear-wheel drive' stroke - and also why it's so essential to get the leg kick right.

Effective tips on how to do the breaststroke

Which brings us to another joint problem in waiting: According to Pickering, a common mistake with the leg kick is not to 'finish off' properly. Think of the kick happening behind you, not beneath you. If you've ever swum behind someone who looks as if their legs are doing two different things, then you've witnessed one.

Swimming on your back with a breaststroke kick will enable you to observe your leg movement and identify any asymmetry.

Pickering suggests swimming close to the pool wall on the side of your screwkick leg. Just after the legs close is the fastest point of the stroke. Or at least, it should be. But many of us sabotage ourselves by beginning to pull with the arms too early.

The movement of the arms will take your mouth clear of the water, so you don't need to force it. Drive the feet back and out to straighten the legs. Knees As the knees straighten, turn and point the feet and draw the legs together so you can glide in a streamlined position.

Legs Think about bringing your feet towards your bum, rather than your knees towards your chest. Abdominals "Breaststroke uses the abdominal muscles more than front crawl," says Shaw.May 14,  · Mix - Breaststroke for Beginners YouTube; CRA's Swim Tips: Breaststroke Kick Corrections - Duration: Charles River Aquatics Boston 38, views.

8 Hacks To Prevent Foggy Goggles. Jul 10,  · This video features all four parts of Speedo's new technique guide to perfect breaststroke. We have hundreds of Speedo products, including swimwear, goggles, caps, and training aids available at. Breaststroke.

Breaststroke is the most popular swimming stroke of all. If you go to a public swimming pool, you will most likely see that the majority of patrons are swimming breaststroke.

Breaststroke Swimming Technique. Breaststroke is swum in a prone position. The body goes from a horizontal position during a short, streamlined glide phase to a more inclined position during arm recovery phase.

Following today's tips on improving your breaststroke will make it far more enjoyable and worthwhile. "It's easier to swim breaststroke badly than it is front crawl," says Steven Shaw.

Here is one of the drills we use for breaststroke pull:

A good swimming exercise for improving breaststroke timing and body position is to swim using two leg kicks and one arm pull cycles. In other words swim a breaststroke cycle normally (pull, breathe, kick, glide) and then hold the glide position with the arms and add an additional leg kick. Jun 10,  · A Breaststroke start (also called a pullout) is the first part of each Breaststroke length.

With practice, it can propel you about 20 meters ( ft). (Which makes it the ideal way to save energy and is much more effective than swimming the whole way!)80%(12).

Improving Breaststroke Technique