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Not content to let Canadians ruminate on ideas unimpeded by thinly-disguised corporate ideology and scaremongering, it is attempting to sow doubt about a plan that would potentially benefit all Canadians, national pharmacare, whose time has surely come. For a small primer on the concept, you could check out a post I wrote about two years ago, or conduct a Google search, which will yield some compelling links, including this one: Canada is the only industrialized country with universal health insurance that does not offer universal prescription drug coverage, and statistics show one in 10 Canadians cannot afford to pay for their medications. From an economic viewpoint, there is a compelling case to be made for pharmacare.

Canadian eh essay means canadian encorporates topic canadi

The examples are titled and arranged as on the CDs. Additional data are provided with the text as are aids to learning the dialect. The kinds of data presented with the texts of the transcriptions are: The other examples are not repeated; they are heard once only.

When you listen to the first example repeated, you hear a short bit, followed by a silence during which you are to say the bit you just heard.

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As you finish, the next bit on the CD begins; you repeat this during the next silent space. You continue to do this throughout the repetition of the first example, simply listening to a bit hereafter called a unitand saying it during the silent space provided.

Canadian eh essay means canadian encorporates topic canadi

With the other examples, you will have to stop and start the CD yourself, and then repeat what you just heard. After repeating it, you start the CD again and listen to the next unit. Then you stop the CD again and repeat that unit. You continue in the same way throughout the example.

The slashes are stopping places that have been worked out for comfortable repeating of a phrase or sentence. At first, stop the CD every time a single or a double slash is reached, and repeat aloud what you heard. As the material gets familiar, go through the example again, stopping only at the double slashes.

Now you will be saying a bit two units long. For instance, Midwestern No. With this step, you extend your ability to keep to the dialect. When a triple slash appears about halfway through one of the longer examples, as in the case of Midwestern No.

When you know the first half well, start to repeat it from the beginning and do not stop until you reach the triple slash. As soon as possible, say the second half at one go in the same way. Finally, repeat the example from beginning to end without a stop. In a few cases, only part of the first example is spaced.

This is to avoid repetition. In a few other cases, the first example is divided into two parts, spaced separately, as the content suggests.

These respelled words are presented in capital letters in the transcription texts, and in italics in the text that is not from transcriptions. The regular spelling is given in the margin in the few cases where it is necessary for your understanding of the word, as, for example, in Midwestern No.

One spelling is always used for the same sound. The doubling represents both the change in quality and the lengthening that results from nasalization.

If the lengthening is a real drawl, this is shown by both doubling and hyphenating the nasalized vowel: Since the respelling aa usually means the vowel change heard in Saaloam, when it is also nasalized, this is shown in a footnote.

Siloam Inflection Data A group of words or sentences in each example is printed in italics. This is to alert you to the fact that these are spoken with an inflection and a rhythm especially characteristic of the dialect.Canadian Dentist Pays $31, For Lennon’s Extracted Tooth Wood, commented it was a “mean offence,” that deprived a small museum of its prized exhibits.

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