Because i liked you better

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Because i liked you better

Using surplus tortillas and taking the original idea from the traditional Mexican snack known as totopothe company-owned restaurant cut them up, fried them, and added basic seasoning, resembling the Mexican chilaquilesbut in this case being dry.

Arch West was the vice president of marketing of Frito-Lay at the time, and noticed their popularity. He made a deal in with Alex Foods, the provider of many items for Casa de Fritos at Disneyland, and produced the chips for a short time regionally, before it was overwhelmed by the volume, and Frito-Lay moved the production in-house to its Tulsa plant.

Berdusco, the vice president of tortilla chip marketing, said a primary reason for the change was "greater competition from restaurant-style tortilla chips, that are larger and more strongly seasoned". The new design gave each chip rounded corners, making it easier to eat and reducing the scrap resulting from broken corners.

Each chip was also given more seasoning, resulting in a stronger flavor. The redesigned chips were released in four flavors beginning in January The same year, the Doritos brand began complying with U. Food and Drug Administration labeling regulations, four years before the regulations became mandatory.

According to him, the shape and rigidity of the chips made them inherently dangerous. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court later ruled that the study did not meet scientific standards and could not be presented as evidence.

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To increase sales inthe company launched several new flavors, a new label, and more bilingual advertising. Frito-Lay vice president Joe Ennen described this as "the most significant rebranding and relaunch in Doritos' year history.

Other ingredients vary across the flavored chip varieties. Doritos made for the US market generally do not use pork-derived animal rennet in the making of the cheese flavorings used on the chip. They launched nationally in the United States in[5] with only one flavor: Frito-Lay therefore developed taco-flavored Doritos, which also became successful after they were introduced nationally in A Sesame seed flavored chip was also available for a short time in the late s.

In the s, in partnership with parent company PepsiCo's fast food brands, two new flavors of Doritos were introduced, Taco Bell 's Taco Supreme incorporating a "beef" flavoring that was quite different from the original s "Taco" incarnation and Pizza Hut 's Pizza Cravers.

After PepsiCo spun off its restaurant division inthe flavors were simply renamed taco and pizza, respectively, with the pizza flavor discontinued in some markets.

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At around the same time, due to the popularity of Frito-Lay's Tostitos brand the unflavored Toasted Corn was briefly discontinued, then brought back. This flavor was later discontinued.The future of shopping is here! Janel Parrish of 'Pretty Little Liars' shares her holiday faves in new videos that let you watch and shop.

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Because i liked you better

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Rhyme scheme and structure The poem has four stanzas, written in trimetre, with every second line rhyming. This structure is restrictive, rigid and very structured, which mimics the restrains of the Victorian society on homosexuality, in which the poet was immersed in.

Because I Liked You Better – A. E.

Because I Liked You, by A.E. Housman | | By Ivan Boothe

Housman – Analysis March 10, March 10, richinaword Poetry analysis Tags: Homosexuality, Housman, Poetry There is great musicality in this structured lament on the unrequited homosexual love of A.

E. Housman for . So, there's a man crawling through the desert. He'd decided to try his SUV in a little bit of cross-country travel, had great fun zooming over the badlands and through the sand, got lost, hit a big rock, and then he couldn't get it started again.

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