Banning fast food in schools

YES America is facing a crisis because of our eating habits. Sixty million adults 20 percent of the population are obese.

Banning fast food in schools

The Impact of Poor Food Choices

Junk food is unhealthy Junk food is highly unhealthy and can transform fit, healthy human beings into obese, lazy people. Is this what we want Earth to become for the future generations?

I should think not. Eating too much junk food can cause your life to be shortened, and this is terrible. This is why I believe that junk food should be banned.

Junk food isn't that bad. Healthy food can be just as bad sometimes. And when people try to change it, it just doesn't work. For instance, my school's canteen had a food change to make the food healthier.

This could happen to any other canteen, and I strongly advise against it happening, as it will turn out not to work. According to the CDCmore than one third of the population is considered obese. The rate of obesity is similar among children to the rate of obesity in the general population.

Many more people are not obese but overweight. According to USATodayaround two thirds of the population is overweight. According to ScienceDaily, even moderate obesity can substantially shorten life expectancy. Over consumption of junk foods is a major contributing factor in the obesity epidemic.

Many junk foods are extremely high in calories, and it's easy for a person to exceed the recommended number of calories when they eat junk foods.

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Banning junk food in schools would reduce the amount of junk food that kids eat. Furthermore, some schools have already taken this step.

If junk foods are banned, kids will still eat junk food while in school. Instead of getting it from the school vending machines, they'll sneak it in.

This could create a climate of evasiveness among students. In some cases, students may even sneak out of school to buy junk food. Additionally, junk food is still likely to be freely available at home.But banning junk food without other strategies and local decision-making is a superficial remedy that dilutes personal and local responsibilities.

— John Dively, . Ban Junk Food From Schools!

Banning fast food in schools

April 15, By BestWritingByBrit GOLD, Livingston, New Jersey. More by this author Follow BestWritingByBrit. But, banning it from schools is actually the way. Should fast food be banned? 52% Say Yes 48% Say No Fast food should be banned!

Banning fast food in schools

Fast food should be banned firstly because it makes you obese, secondly it links to lots of medical problems like diabetes, and lastly lots of poor people buy it because it is cheap. the only reason why not banning fast food restaurants is that there are other.

There are many good arguments for and against banning unhealthy food in schools. We present the top arguments from both sides. Unhealthy Food Should Be Banned From Schools. Fast Food Advertising Should Be Banned;. A ban on fast food shops operating within metres of schools has been called for by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

At a time when nearly one third of children aged two to Banning junk food in schools may not be the solution to obesity problems in school going children. Rather fighting childhood obesity requires a social and cultural change which encompasses among others educating children on making wise choices, allowing for more physical activity and regulating food in school cafeteria.

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