Are there multiple selves

Which leave out key symptoms or invent nonsense? Do the movies entertain, and avoid stigmatizing mental illness?

Are there multiple selves

The Who is "I" Question Just when it seemed that self had been safely and comfortably brought back into psychology, -- mainly as centerpiece of a humanistic psychology, we in the field -- and especially humanistic psychologists --find ourselves again asking the "Who am I?

Either "I" am an intrinsically core responsible self as humanistic psychologists would have it. Or, from some postmodern perspectives the term "I" speaks for a multitude of "selves" playing themselves out reconstructively in their embedded cultural, historical contingency.

Or, "I" speak from an enlightened recognition that "I" am OTHER, my greater identity is with the whole of Being, having dropped the illusion of my separate selfhood. Long-term Competitors, Recent Allies The tension expressed in the current three views of self has a long history in Western philosophy, going back to the pre-Socratics under the rubric "Flux and Essence" and implicated in the debate between Plato and the Sophists.

It was argued out through six centuries of post-Aristotelian eudaimonic, or fulfillment, debate, then and since, to some degree variously, under such problematics as the "Absolute and the Relative", "One and the Many", "Sacred and Profane, and "Nominalism and Realism" and in psychology as "Elementism vs.

And is a constant issue in what Huxley called the "Perennial Philosophy". And yet humanistic, postmodern and transpersonal psychologies share a current history as post-positivist. Indeed the three emerge at mid-century as a shared critique of the limits of the natural science model as applied to human beings.

And as consequence of this allied reaction at the methodological level, they all share a leaning towards qualitative or human science research methods. Indeed, that which the three viewpoints share should encourage us not to conclude off the bat that we are dealing with hopelessly contradictory visions.

Moreover, the length of the tensional history they share and the fact that no historical conclusion has yet been drawn definitively favoring one over other views suggests that all three claims deserve to be held in due respect.

And this means neither being reduced or subordinated to the others. Nor, I hope, left in a state of tolerant eclecticism. Nor left as the famous postmodern "pastiche".

Like the current expression "Whatever". Paradox of the Universality of the Relative, No Stranger to Any of the Contending Views I mean, the fact of this ongoing historical dialog paradoxically universalizes the changing and the relative.

That is, each claim is recognized universally valid. But only as relative to the validity of the others which contest it.

And only as this contest emerges and reemerges: At first blush, given the ongoing tensional ambiguity, this is a status which would seem more supportive of a postmodern view.

However, I suggest it is a status inherent to all three positions on self. These three positions, each with its own reality claim and unique historical place and cultural mission to be sure -- seen developmentally and microgenetically -- are mutually referential and revealing.

Each is redefined and made clearer as history rolls on, in a way as the wheels, pedals and handlebars refer distinctly to the integrity of a bike Moreover, I contend, these three infrastructural dimensions, even as they seem to oppose themselves as alternatives to it, actually support the integrity of a humanistic psychology vision:The overwhelming consensus of Earth and planetary scientists is that tektites consist of terrestrial debris that was ejected during the formation of an impact the extreme conditions created by an hypervelocity meteorite impact, near-surface terrestrial sediments and rocks were either melted, vaporized, or some combination of these, and ejected from an impact crater.

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Are there multiple selves

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