Antithesis song lyrics

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Antithesis song lyrics

The sun opened its sleepy eyes and smiled down on the Earth as a new day began. A figure of speech in which a pair of opposite or contradictory terms are used together for emphasis. Organized chaos, a wise fool Paradoxn. A statement or proposition which is self-contradictory, unreasonable, or illogical.

There is no absolute truth. A figure of speech which uses an extravagant or exaggerated statement to express strong feelings. Extended Metaphorn. A metaphor that is continued over multiple sentences.

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Suzie is a beautiful young flowering girl. Her cheeks are flush with the spring of life.

She has the fragrance of youth about her. I fell right through the cracks is a metaphore. You can not literary open your mind, but you can consider new points of vies.


Someone made a great impact on him. I fell right throught the cracks This has a double meaning.

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And bending over backwards just to try and see you clearer He would only get an upside down image of that person. But my breath fogged up the glass So I drew a new face and I laughed Open up your mind and see like me When this person listens to their feelings and find that they might love him.Rooted in the U.K.'s late '70s New Romantic movement, Depeche Mode formed in , and the pioneering, synthesizer-based sound created by the founding partnership of Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, Vince Clarke, and Andrew Fletcher went on to establish .

'Antithesis' is a power metal composition relying heavily on harmonized leads, multiple three-chord progressions and a number of instrumental passages. The song has lyrics, which, due to the fact that the composer can't find an adequate singer, nor sing himself.

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Antithesis song lyrics

Jamie's Elsewhere Antithesis lyrics & video: This place is all too familiar! So sudden, I find myself returning to the origin, the event that started it all. All I ever asked. Lyrics of A BRIGHTER DAY (ANTITHESIS) by Helena Paparizou: Oh oh oh oh, Have you ever felt like giving up, But you kept fighting cause you knew you were.

Antithesis lyrics by Jamie's Elsewhere - lyrics explanations and song meanings. This place is all too familiar! / So sudden, I find myself / Returning to the.