An argument of hadith being more important to islamic law than the quran

At the bottom of this post appear the sahih or authorized translations from Quran. Below is also a summary of the koranic view of women, as well as relevant videos by Muslim authorities, expressing a very typical attitude towards women. Please note that millions of children worldwide are forced to learn these koranic scriptures by memory.

An argument of hadith being more important to islamic law than the quran

In male infants, circumcision is an operation which involves tearing the foreskin away from the glans head of the penis, cutting along the top of the foreskin, then clamping the foreskin and cutting it off.

The skin of the penis is a complex movable 'sheath' with no clear indication of where it should be cut during a circumcision.

An argument of hadith being more important to islamic law than the quran

This means that the amount of foreskin removed from one circumcision to the next can be very different, and no two circumcisions are the same. The Qur'an deals extensively with Prophet Ibrahim, his name alone is mentioned sixty-seven times.

Yet the Qur'an says nothing of him being circumcised or being commanded to do so. Rather it was his faith in Allah and devotion to Him alone which is stressed throughout the Qur'an and which is to be followed. The Qur'an deals with Prophet Ibrahim's construction of the Kaba and other matters - but does not say he was told to cut off a part of his private parts.

There is an important reason why as we shall see shortly. He was not one of the idolaters. In numerous Verses of the Qur'an, Allah tells us that He has created everything, including human beings, in the most perfect form.

In the following verse, Allah explicitly states this with regards to the human creation: With regards to the development of the baby, Allah states the following: So blessed be Allah, the 'Best of all Creators!

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In another verse, Allah states: You will all return to Him. Thus the male genitalia is perfected by Allah. The design of the foreskin on the male is an intentional act of creation.

Allah did not make a 'mistake' in designing the foreskin of the male. He does not need mankind to take a knife and start cutting off a part of the penis on males, as if though it is a 'corrective procedure' to a design flaw.

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This is actually an insult against Allah. Because, had it been 'better' in anyway to not have the foreskin, Allah would have designed all male babies without that bit of the foreskin - as Allah states, he has perfected His creation. As per the Quranic understanding, medical research shows that the foreskin serves innumerable useful purposes and is designed intentionally by Allah to serve these purposes.

We then laid it up in a safe abode for a known term. How excellent is Our arranging! Woe unto the rejectors on that day! In which hadith after the [Qur'an] do they believe? The inner foreskin contains bands of densely innervated, sexually responsive tissue.Of the six important Muslim collections of hadiths, Bukhari and Muslim are accepted as the most reliable.

Their collections are called Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim respectively. However, most hadith seem to have originated in the second century rather than with Muhammad, as explained in Joseph Schacht's classical article A Revaluation of.

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Following are pertinent quotes from the Koran/Quran regarding women, from the Dawood translation with the side-by-side Arabic.

At the bottom of this post appear the sahih or authorized translations from, saying essentially the same things, although Dawood is more literal, direct and blunt. Below is also a summary of the koranic view of women, [ ].

Al-Hajjaj, Kitab al-Masahif & Missionaries: A comprehensive refutation of the Christian missionary's argument using Islamic sources. True Islam is derived from the Quran and not from the traditions or cultures of Muslim people.

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Home. Introduction. When asked why they disregard the Quranic law of , they say, because the hadith says otherwise!

More important, the Hajj garments, which have become an integral part of the Hajj violates the following Quranic verse. Among some scholars of Sunni Islam, the term hadith may include not only the words, advice, practices, etc. of Muhammad, but also those of his companions.

In Shia Islam, Ḥadīth is the embodiment of the sunnah, the words and actions of the Prophet and his family the Ahl al-Bayt (The Twelve Imams and the Prophet's daughter, Fatimah). Amir was one of many Muslims who write to me challenging me to a debate. I told him that I debate either with scholars who have a recognizable name, or with those who read my book.

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