A report on heart attack and its causes

Last updated April 23,originally published March 10, By A. Usually, the situation is not a medical emergency, such as a heart attack.

A report on heart attack and its causes

Exercise or decrease in physical labor Treatment of heart attack. Lose the patient on the heart attack and keep the environment open around as much as possible.

Loose the patient's clothes. Pushing the patient's chest with a strong and strong pressure on the chest while exercising restraint. After every pressing try to release the compression present in the chest. Repeat this process times.

This will return the patient's beats again. Contact the doctor on the phone and follow the doctor's advice properly. Home remedies for heart attack. Meditation - Sometimes stress is a reason for a heart attack.

You can now concentrate regularly and create a stress free environment. Meditation keeps you away from stress.

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Apart from this, it does not let you crack around many types of heart coronary problems. This is a good habit that will keep you away from all kinds of stress.

A report on heart attack and its causes

As a result of meditation, you can get rid of all kinds of mental and physical anxiety. Garlic - The mixture of garlic, apple vinegar and lemon juice diluted in the arteries and prevents them from freezing.

The clean arteries will be able to reach the heart and oxygen easily, and this method will also save you from heart attacks.

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This domestic method also reduces the cholesterol present in your body. Pomegranate - Drinking pomegranate juice strengthens the heart and relaxes anxiety. Pomegranate is a suitable drug for cardiovascular patients. When heart patients experience pain in heart, they should be fed grape juice.

It is very beneficial. About Vidhi mistry Dr. Vidhi who has made wholeheartedly contribution to the welfare of many people through Ayurveda is one of the million people who was inspired by her father and her own life incident to choose the correct path in her life.

Born in a family of renowned physician Dr.

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Madan Gulati and Dr. Saras Gulati, she was brought up under the shadow of Ayurveda. This was not just a reason to choose Ayurveda as her career but one of her childhood events also molded her into a true believer of Ayurveda.

I was shocked, I had only had minor breathing problems at times. However I had smoked for 17 years when I was very young and had quit over 38 years ago, when I developed asthma.Warning Signs of a Heart Attack. Medically reviewed by Elaine K. Luo, women tend to report heart attacks that cause pain specifically in the lower abdomen and lower portion of the chest.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Australia, causing nearly 15 per cent of all deaths in Food is directly involved in many of the risk factors for coronary heart disease.

A report on heart attack and its causes

A heart attack may occur when: A tear in the plaque occurs. This triggers blood platelets and other substances to form a blood clot at the site that blocks most or all of the oxygen-carrying blood from flowing to a part of the heart muscle.

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What’s a heart attack?

Get started now! What are the symptoms of a heart attack? The classic symptoms of a heart attack are pain in the chest, neck, jaws, back, shoulders, or arms. The pain may be severe, but is most often moderate in intensity. The pain may be described as "crushing", "heavy" or "pressure-like".

Heart attack: Heart attacks or "acute myocardial infarction" (AMI), are very common and also very deadly. The underlying cause of a heart attack is usually " coronary thrombosis ", which is a blockage of the blood vessels of the heart.

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