A history of hugo chavezs presidency of venezuela

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A history of hugo chavezs presidency of venezuela

Sign up Hugo Chavez's take on his revolution's successes and failures The Venezuelan leader, who is in Cuba for treatment, reflected recently on more than a decade in office.

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Chavez has returned to Cuba for a second session of chemotherapy to treat a cancer that has forced him to slow his pace ahead of a re-election bid next year.

August 8, By Miguel Octavio Guest blogger In the interview of Hugo Chavez by Jose Vicente Rangelshown over the weekendbut taped on Thursday, the Venezuelan president attempts to describe the successes and failures of his presidency.

In so doing, President Chavez shows how tired and failed his revolution and his presidency are. The new Constitution, which he just ignores and violates lately, did not open the door to socialism; it had nothing to do with socialism.

Socialism is not taking over companies and destroying them, nor taking over farms and abandoning them. Socialism is not having a president wear fancy watches and buying armored Bentleys to take him around.

A history of hugo chavezs presidency of venezuela

Nothing would have changed if he had done it earlier, just the destruction of institutions would have been accelerated. Without desiring it, Chavez has defined, in both what he thinks were successes and failures, how tired his empty revolution is.

A history of hugo chavezs presidency of venezuela

He draws on a distant past. He cites nothing from the last six years, except the continued ineffectiveness of his government. You can read his blog here.In the aftermath of Hugo Chavezs death, the inside story of his life, his Venezuela, and his legacy.

Hugo Chavez was a phenomenon. He has been compared to Napoleon, Nasser, Peron, and Castro, but the truth is there has never been a leader like torosgazete.com Rating: % positive.

Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Just because Venezuela's executive branch or presidency is controlled by a member of a socialist party then that doesn't mean Venezuela's economy is automatically "socialist." Venezuela has a MIXED MARKET ECONOMY which is NOT a socialist economic system.

CARACAS, Venezuela — President Hugo Chavez has given himself the equivalent of a big Christmas present in congress: a package of laws that dramatically expand his powers and allow him to.

Venezuela’s charismatic and controversial President Hugo Chavez missed his scheduled inauguration as he battles cancer in a Cuban hospital. But Chavez’s political impact on the oil-rich. Hugo Chávez was a true phenomenon. On his death in March tens of thousands of Venezuelans took to the streets and honoured a seven-day period of national torosgazete.coms:

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